What’s different? Why Swings 2 Wings

  • State of the art academic curriculum designed & developed by education experts plus Sanskrit phonetics sessions to give spiritual and scientific lifestyle.
  • Curriculum in line with international standards but keeping in mind Indian culture.
  • Mixed age group model and stress free learning environment
  • Child safe learning materials
  • Ideal teacher student ratio which ensures each child is given individual attention.
  • Regular parent teacher meetings
  • Monthly assessments
  • Welcome feedback
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Continuous up gradation of curriculum and creative activities
  • In our environment each child is special and encouraged to choose what they want to learn from a variety of conceptual academic materials and grow at his/her own pace as our teachers’ play a role of presenters-observers and caretakers. These are the things that make “building blocks” of a child’s personality development Unique and Special.

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