Why Sanskrit in our Preschool?

Sanskrit stands out above all other languages for its beauty of sound, precision in pronunciation and reliability as well as thoroughness in every aspect of its structure. Sanskrit is a language that is immaculately ordered, followed laws unfailingly in the grammar and when it is applied in a child’s early years of speech and observation he/she will attain an enriching experience not only as they grow up, but as they pronounce each word of it! This means they get an unusual but precise, definite and clear insight into the language while they are enjoying themselves.

They learn to speak well and clearer, starting from Sanskrit, the mother language of all the languages. And its well-known fact “those who speak well run the world”. If your daughter or son can express themselves well through a conscious language they will be the leaders of the next generation.

Barack Obama makes a difference because he can speak well. Mahatma Gandhi could move huge crowds with well-balanced words.

Sanskrit in Phonetics

The precision of Sanskrit stems from the unparalleled detail on how the actual sounds of the alphabet are structured and defined. The sounds have a particular place in the mouth, nose and throat that can be defined and will never change. This is why in Sanskrit the letters are called the ‘Indestructibles’ [aksharáni]. Sanskrit is the only language that has consciously laid out its sounds from first principles. So the five mouth-positions for all Indestructibles [letters] are defined and with a few clearly described mental and physical efforts all are systematically planned.

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