Our Environment

For a child below 6 years, curriculum comprises the environment which in turn means that we offer the child to learn freely according to his/her interests. It is essential that a young child gets daily experience with learning aids which have specific usage, derived from the curriculum.

All areas of work for the child, both internal and external have been planned with extreme care to facilitate self-learning, and implement the objectives set in the curriculum.

Moreover, The Guru Mantra is learning in a positive spiritual atmosphere where Sanskrit Shlokas are chanted as a part of morning chants and prayers. After school routine activities the children will be exposed to an extremely calm and peaceful Shanti chant to cleanse their mind, body and soul from any kind of aggression or ill effects of negative vibes.

Scientifically designed educational material:

Scientifically designed educational material

What will my child will do?

Everything done at Swings2Wings has been intrinsically designed to set a child up for success and a healthy growth. Children will be given Lessons with materials from selecting activities as per their choice or liking as they would like to work with. They can repeat and explore them as they desire.

At the same time they are closely observed by teachers who gently encourage children to master the activity. Children will be encouraged to speak Sanskrit words to improve their phonetics in the spiritual sessions.

How will it benefit your child?

Our objective is to maximize the potential of every child by treating him/her as active learners that needs choice and independence. At Swing2Wings we provide pure Montessori education and motivate imbibing Indian culture by adapting modern Scientific and spiritual lifestyle that teaches children how to learn instead of just what to learn. The end result is a lifelong love of learning which primes them for a successful learning foundation in building career in any direction they pursue. Children who benefit from these experiences grow into confident positive adults.


Our classrooms are organized in the following areas of learning:

  • Language Area
  • Art Corner
  • Cognitive Corner
  • Sensor motor skills
  • EPL (Exercises of Practical life)
  • Outdoor Learning environment
  • Spiritual Learning atmosphere


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