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Preschool in Lucknow

Our dream is to have a positive and scientific preschool for our little ones the next generation. We believe that providing the right kind of education is a privilege and our core responsibility. As educators our responsibility is to inculcate value education in our children right from their early formative years.

Swings2Wings is born with an idea to provide the real essence of scientific and quality learning with a positive wellbeing to our children. Our Environment will provide a child an encouraging atmosphere to scientifically connect with our culture, our own roots, and values that have so much to offer in building a comprehensive understanding of modern concepts and culture. Apart from adapting scientific modern curriculum…we intend to create a niche an amalgamation of modernity with an enriching concept of adopting conversational Sanskrit in our daily life. With this approach we strive to bring technology and culture at the same pedestal in the daily learning of our children.

The name Swings2Wings comes as depiction of our children who are playing on the swings today and through our efforts of imparting positive learning in shaping their personalities in these early years they will be future ready and confident with their own little wings of tomorrow; for them to fly high and soar in the sky and bring laurels wherever they go…

Our Vision

Swings2Wings is an initiative that will bring forth a positive change in the school of knowledge and learning by following a holistic approach which is different from the regular monotonous ways of pre-school learning. We strive to bring the language of Sanskrit in daily life for mind, body and soul development of our children. It’s our moral responsibility to spread Indian culture and our rich heritage to the next generation hence offering them a complete learning fulfilment. We would take on the concept of science in Sanskrit and develop suitable atmosphere for our children at this early age so that they find it easy and comfortable to adapt to the new social environment we live in. They would be nurtured delicately with empathy. They will be treated as individuals who would have equal opportunities to let them express themselves…show their emotions express their needs encourage observation and realisation of their surroundings. We provide a burden free, independent environment that would enable every child to learn happily and accomplish all round development.

Our Mission

  • Our ultimate goal is to encourage our children to observe more, interact more, to question, explore, investigate and acquire skills that will make them learners for life.

  • Hence our curriculum is essentially based on pure Montessori philosophy and applying Sanskrit approach in daily life. Learning conversational Sanskrit sessions will give an opportunity in adapting a positive spiritual life style. In young children it improves brain functioning. It enhances memory power. Research has shown that the phonetics of this language has roots in various energy points of the body and reading, speaking or reciting Sanskrit stimulates these points and raises the energy levels, whereby resistance against illnesses, relaxation to mind and reduction of stress are achieved. Blood Pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc. are controlled. (Ref: American Hindu University)

  • Our children will learn about the social and emotional skills, such as empathy, listening, and self-regulation and self-discipline, which really help children, thrive once they start their formal school education. Our craft is to foster confidence in children based on empathetic attitude.

  • It’s a Teamwork…A child’s healthy growth depends primarily on parents and family, teachers, peers and his surroundings so the way we all partner to understand children and their ‘growing up’ needs in these early childhood years becomes our first priority.

  • As responsible elders it is extremely essential that we all cooperate and work as a team to nurture our children’s wellbeing.

  • The right to education is not only the right to attend good schools rather it is to find that “correct school” which has its core belief in building a child with a creative questioning mind and a dynamic moral conscience.” -


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